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Worming goats

This was recently posted on HobbyFarmers, a nice yahoo group (listed in the sidebar) that has been helpful to us. The author kindly consented to let me post here.

Thanks Teresa!
Re: De wormers for goats (from
Posted by: "Teresa Barr-Jones"
Tue May 12, 2009 4:21 pm (PDT)

We have successfully used the following wormers on our full-size Nubian dairy goats:

Cydectin (oral sheep drench, given as directed for sheep)
Ivermectin (injectable given orally @ 1 cc to 55 pounds)
Prohibit (Levamisole, given as directed for sheep)
SafeGuard Goat (given as directed on bottle)

A great reference for goat wormers is available at the Fias Co Farm website:

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and my comments are not meant to challenge or replace a vet's advice.

Hope this helps. :)
Teresa Barr-Jones
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We are not vets, either, so don't base your decisions on what we use, find a good vet to give you a recommendation.

When we worm our goats we use SafeGuard Paste (labeled for horses) at the weight recommendations on the label. There is no milk withdrawl when using SafeGuard Paste. We also use Ivomec (labeled for horses, too) at the recommended dosages on the label. Our vet told us that the milk withdrawl for Ivomec is 5 days. We use SafeGuard Paste right after the does kid in the spring and the Ivomec in the late summer.

We don't have too many problems with worms in our area because it is so dry here. Wetter areas of the country have to worm more often, heavier doses, and use different wormers. If you have your animals on 'dry lot' (no pasture), your worming routine will vary from ours, too. The best way to check what wormer you should use and how often to use it is to run a fecal exam. You can also have your vet run fecal tests.

Molly at Fias Co Farm has a great tutorial on running fecals. You can find it here.

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