Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homemade Chicken Waterers

It's been a long few days! We are still working at keeping one kid goat alive. I'm afraid we might loose him. If he makes it through the weekend and still looks sick, we'll try to find a different vet on Monday. This is the little one that has goat polio. We thought we had him on the mend, but on Thursday night he looked really bad again. He is on PenG Max, 2ml every 6 hours. Spring is lovely, but tiring at times.

Chicken Waterers
I found a few links for some homemade chicken waterers. A friend who is raising a few chicks asked what we do for waterers. We use the plastic waterers that you buy at the feed store. They've worked well for us when the chicks are little. When they are full sized, we use a 1 gallon bucket. Not invetive, but cheap!

I searched and found a two links that showed how to make homemade chicken waterers. If I run across these 'parts' at a yard sale, I think I will give one of them a try.

Ice Bucket waterer

5-gallon bucket waterer and 5-gallon bucket feeder


Anna said...

If you're going to make a waterer out of a five gallon bucket, I high recommend that you spend a tiny bit extra and go the nipple route. Chicken nipples are little valves that fit in the bottom of reservoirs and turn any container into a waterer --- and keep the water clean and spill free. Now that I use them, I'd never go back to plain old waterers.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep it from freezing?