Sunday, April 21, 2013

A New Duck

We were given a duck by a neighbor. She had three ducks as pets and for their eggs. One was killed by a mink or racoon. Another had it's bill ripped off by the same animal. We took that one to the vet to have it put down.

You may think that is odd since ducks are farm animals, but since these were pets. It was best for the family to have the vet take care of Cornwallis (female duck with a male name, long story, but she was the favorite).

My friend was so worried about the last duck that she asked us to take her.

Bianca is the black and white duck. She has fit into the flock without any trouble. She's the only one with a name since we don't name our chickens or ducks unless they happen to have a 'personality'.
We were lucky to find a vet who cared for 'exotic' animals. Farm animals are considered exotic if they are pets instead of living on a farm. At $60 it wasn't cheap to have the vet put down Cornwallis, but it was comforting to the family to know that she was cared for like any other severely injured, and beloved, family pet.

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