Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful morning!

Wow! Today when I went out to milk the goats this morning, this is what I saw:

The pictures are a bit crooked because I was carrying the milking bucket and supplies as well as the camera. As you can see, I was heading east into the sunshine, too.

What a stunning sight to wake up to! Eight inches of new snow and the mountains wrapped in a mist of clouds hanging like a beautiful shawl and making the sight a wonder to behold. As I post this afternoon, the snow is almost all gone, and the area in front of the barn is a very large puddle! In some places the puddle is 3 inches deep. But that's why boots were invented!

Here's what we had waiting for us in the barn this morning ...
Not fun at all! Vet2Be is certainly getting some experience taking care of the goats. This little guy, Jack, was disbudded on 4/4/09. Everything was fine until a few days ago when he ended up with an infection between the two disbudding areas. We were able to debride the wound and disinfect it with iodine. It must not have been a good enough job, since this morning it was infected again.

We cleaned the wound again and the scab fell off the disbudded area (that is what looks bloody in the picture). I received two suggestions (from Med-A-Goat911) to help it heal: spray with Furol, which is a disinfectant used on horses, and/or spray with Gentocin (gentamicin sulfate with betamethasone valerate) Topical Spray.

Since we have the Gentocin, we'll give that a try. Glacier (Jack's mom) keeps licking his head, so we may have to wrap it with gauze and tape to keep her from ingesting it. I'm sure his new 'hat' will be pretty interesting looking!

Happy Birthday, Vet2Be! Snow and vet practice! What more could you ask for :o)

Here is Jack's head this afternoon. It looks much better!


Grandma Elsie said...

How beautiful and peaceful snow is ,even if it leaves a muddy mess in its wake.
I was a farm girl of sorts,chickens,cows,horses when growing up so I enjoy reading about your family on the farm.
You can click on my name in the comment to go to my blog if you want. Elsie <><

Tonia said...

The snow is Beautiful!! But you can keep it! LOL
To bad about the infection.. You can super glue a piece of gauze to it to keep mom from licking it. It will still get air and mom cant lick it..
Happy Birthday Vet2be!!