Thursday, April 4, 2013

Annie Kidded!

Annie kidded on Easter Sunday. We came home from church and Vet2Be went to check on the goats. He came in and said Annie was getting ready to kid.

We hurried out to finish cleaning a stall for her because Vet2Be hadn't quite finished on Saturday.

Annie had a buckling and a doeling. Both needed a little bit of help. The buckling was big and his legs were tucked back, so I had to pull his legs forward before he could be born.

His little sister was born 'butt' first, which isn't a good thing. No feet came out first, just a tail.

It took us about 5 minutes of using a nasal aspirator to get her mouth and nose cleaned out enough for her to breath.

They are both healthy and doing well!

Here's the buckling.

Here's the sweet little doeling. She is really friendly, probably because we had to spend so much time cleaning out her airways.

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