Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dehorning the Buck--update

The buck that was dehorned August 24th (original post here) is doing well! In fact he is ready to breed. We can tell because he is now wearing 'Eau De Buck Cologne' and is getting pushy! It is definitely breeding season.

Two photos of what his head looks like now. The bandages have come off and he is doing great!


~Tonia said...

Good Deal!! We dont have a buck on the place yet but the goat girls are definitely letting us know they are ready to meet their new guy!! But they have to wait till the middle of October! Glad he did good with it!!

TJ said...

We like late babies, too! If we were a big dairy or showed goats, I understand having them earlier in the year. But since we do this for experience and fun, we like babies born when it is warmer.