Friday, March 27, 2015

Photos from the Farm #27

Welcome back!

Did you have a busy week? I hope you learned something new!

I have a new sewing machine and I've been learning a lot about it. It's exciting, and sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering which button does what, but I keep trying and asking questions. One day I will know everything about my new sewing machine!

Bryon got something new a few weeks ago. It's a special grill that uses smoke and heat to cook food. He has been learning how to use it and our whole family enjoys the food!

Our new smoker grill.
 Matt thought the grill looked fun, too. He's been learning how to cook on it by looking up recipes and trying them out. Our family has loved what he has cooked, too!
Matt's pizza. He cooked this on the new smoker grill.
*     *     *     *     *     *

Did you know that chickens like to take baths? They do!

They don't take a bath in water like you do. They don't use soap, either. They don't take a bath to get clean.

They use dust!

Chicken taking a dust bath.
She dug a shallow hole in dry dirt.
Then she snuggles down into the dirt and flaps her wings to get the dust onto her back and through all her feathers.
How does that clean the chicken?

Once they are done getting all dusty, they shake their feathers and all the dust and dirt comes out. The dust also prevents bugs from living in the chicken feathers. That is why the chickens take a dust bath.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Misty decided to take a rest inside the dogloo.
She squeezed herself inside. She doesn't fit very well, she can't fit her head inside the dogloo.
Don't worry, she got herself out without any trouble when she got hungry for dinner.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Look at how big Annie is getting!
She is still pregnant.
We'll post pictures when she has her babies.
If we see her having her babies, we'll take a video and let you watch it!

*     *     *     *     *     *
Look at the tiny egg that one of our chickens laid!
This week I collected a lot of eggs.

  • On Monday I collected 6 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. I made bread and used 1 duck egg.
  • On Tuesday I collected 13 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. I made cookies and used 4 duck eggs.
  • On Wednesday I collected 7 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs.  I ate scrambled eggs for lunch. I used 3 chicken eggs.
  • On Thursday I collected 9 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. I ate scrambled eggs for dinner. I used 3 chicken eggs.
  • On Friday I collected 8 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. 
How many eggs do I have to bake with this weekend?

*     *     *     *     *     *
Three more clues to what we are building!

Straight metal poles.

Straight PVC pipes, and a big roll of plastic in the back of the old green truck. One of the boxes that all the pieces came in is behind the truck.

Long, curved metal poles.
Do you have any guesses?

Have a great week!


~Licia said...

Dominic thinks Misty was pretending to be a turtle.
He thinks you are building a train track.

TJ said...

Dominic, I think you are right. Misty was pretending to be a turtle. We are not building a train track, but that is a good guess!