Friday, March 6, 2015

Photos from the Farm #24

Welcome back!

Did you enjoy the snow earlier this week? We did! We are very grateful for all the water it brings to the mountains! We have a big puddle on our driveway, too! The birds are coming to get drinks from the puddle, and the ducks visit it in the morning for a little bath.

*     *     *     *     *

Here are the photos and little stories for this week.

Do you remember our barn cat, Midnight?

She likes Clover's coat, too!

We have seen her ride Clover a few times. Midnight only rides Clover when she is wearing a coat.
Matt was finally able to get a photo of her! What a funny cat and goat!

*     *     *     *     *

Matt works at Timpanogos Animal Hospital in Pleasant Grove. He gets to help the techs and the vet do different things.

Last month you learned a lot about teeth. Dogs need to get their teeth cleaned just like people do. Dogs should get their teeth brushed, too. Most people don't brush their dog's teeth because dogs don't like to have their teeth brushed. Dogs don't care if their teeth are clean or dirty.

Do you like to brush your teeth to keep them clean?

This dog has dirty teeth. Some of his teeth are infected and broken. Dogs don't take good care of their teeth. Do you see all the yellow stuff near the dog's gums? He also has a broken tooth on his top jaw near the red plastic tie.

Are you wondering what the tube is? It goes down his throat towards his lungs and carries a special gas that keeps the dog asleep. Dogs don't like getting their teeth cleaned. People can sit in a chair and have a hygienist clean their teeth, but a dog won't do that.

Here is the other side of his mouth. Can you see the teeth that are flat towards the back of his mouth? They shouldn't be flat. Sometimes dogs chew on rocks. If one tooth breaks other teeth wear down. All the brown and yellow need to be polished off his teeth.

All clean! Can you see the spot on the right side of the photo that is missing teeth? How many teeth are missing? Check the photo right before this one.
If you look closely you can see stitches where the teeth used to be.
Those teeth were infected and needed to come out.

All clean on this side, too!
The next thing that happens is that the tube comes out of his mouth and then the put the dog someplace comfortable while he wakes up.

Thank you Matt and Timpanogos Animal Hospital for taking photos for us!

*     *     *     *     *

We don't have any new animals right now.
We'll have new animals when the goats have their kids. Annie and Penny will have kids this year.
Do you think it's funny that baby goats are called kids?

We don't get any milk from the cows yet. Echo will give milk next year after she has a calf. Remi will never give milk because he is a boy.

Thank you for your questions!

I hope you have a great week!

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