Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welder's Cap Tutorial

Vet2Be is welding again. He decided he needed a welding cap. They are kinda soft, backwards ball caps. The bill is worn to protect the back of the neck and they are made out of cotton so they don't burn easily.

They are supposed to be made out of 'unique' fabrics, because welders are very proud of their welding caps!

Taco, Vet2Be's good friend, is a welder, too. His mom, Sheepy, made him a cap and tried to use the pattern I used, but it was very difficult to follow. This tutorial is for her!

Ricochet and Away has a post about a welder's hat. The pattern I used can be found here. The instructions are found here.

All the photos in the following tutorial are mine. I did make two small adjustments so the cap would fit Vet2Be's head better. I'll note them in the tutorial.

You'll need either 1/2 yard of fabric OR two 1/4 yard pieces to make a reversible cap. I used some of Vet2Be's favorites.

You'll also need thread (duh!) and a small piece of flannel or thin batting for the bill. I used flannel because it provides a little bit of weight without too much bulk.

Print the pattern out so that the pattern is the correct size. You can either use your printer's scale function or you can re-size the pattern in a drawing program.

Fabric A: (Clockwise from left) cut one strip for the band that is the same as the head measurement plus 1/2" x 1 1/2" wide. The pattern says 2" wide, but 1 1/2" fit Vet2Be's head much better. Cut four Front/Back pieces, one bill, two Side pieces.

Fabric B: (Clockwise from left) cut one strip for the band that is the same as the head measurement plus 1/2" x 1 1/2" wide. Cut four Front/Back pieces. One bill from Fabric B and one bill from flannel or thin batting. Two Side pieces.

Sewing Directions
Place the bill pieces right sides together with the flannel on the top. Sew around the longer curved edge using a 1/4" seam.
Trim the flannel (or thin batting) close to the seam allowance to reduce bulk.

Turn right side out, press. Trim the raw edges of the bill so that they are even.
Pin around the edge of the bill as shown to keep the fabric from shifting while you are top stitching.

Top stitch close to the finished edge, then add as many top stitching lines as you like. Mine are about 1" apart.
 Step 1
Stitch Fabric A side pieces together, right sides together, along the top (short) seam. Repeat for Fabric B. Press the seam open
 Step 2
Stitch a pair of Fabric A Front/Back sections, right sides together, from the bottom to the dot. Back stitch at the dot. Repeat with the other pair of Fabric A Front/Back sections and both Fabric B Front/Back sections.

Press the seams open. I shouldn't have placed my pieces so close together! The photo really shows four different sections if you look closely.
 Step 3
Place the Fabric A and Fabric B Side pieces wrong sides together and pin or secure so they don't shift while sewing.

Sandwich the Side (one A fabric and one B fabric) pieces (wrong sides together) with two of the Front/Back pieces (right sides together) matching the bottom of the crown and the end of the stitching (dot) with the stitching line on the Side piece. Wrong sides of Front/Back pieces face out, wrong sides of Side pieces face in.
Sew from bottom of crown to dot through all four layers.
 Step 4
Stitch the other side seam in the same manner.

Pull the Side section out from the Front/Back section and the seams should all be hidden. Press to set the seams.
Repeat Step 3 with the other two Front/Back sections.
The seam allowances will be encased in the crown of the cap. I trimmed about 1/4" along the bottom of the crown so that it would be even. It also made the cap fit Vet2Be better. I think his head is a little shorter over the top than the pattern allows for.

Sew the short ends of Fabric A band, and Fabric B band. Press open.

Match the center of the bill with the seam of the band. Sandwich the bill between the two bands, matching the fabrics. Using 1/4" seam, sew the long edge in a complete circle. Pull out the bill and press. Press one of the fabrics under 1/4" along the raw edge. (The pressed line will help when you hand stitch the last seam to the crown.)

Match the seam of the band to the seam where two Front/Back pieces come together. Do not place the bill along one of the Side pieces! The cap won't fit correctly! The Side pieces need to be on the side of the head. Sew one raw edge of the band (not the side with the pressed edge) to the crown. Align the pressed raw edge of the band with the seam, covering the seam on the crown. Hand stitch or top stitch the band in place.

Fabric B on the outside.

Fabric A on the outside.
If there is a step that is unclear, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to clarify it.

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jbrace said...

Sandwich the Side pieces (wrong sides together) with two of the Front/Back pieces (right sides together) matching the bottom of the crown and the end of the stitching (dot) with the stitching line on the Side piece. Wrong sides of Front/Back pieces face out, wrong sides of Side pieces face in.
Sew from bottom of crown to dot through all four layers.

First you say front and back pieces right sides together and then you say front and back pieces wrong sides together....this step is kinda confusing...and you say take two front/back pieces and sandwich them together, should they be both fabric a or should it be one fabric and one fabric b? Thank you for the pictures though, you're the only one I could find that had pictures with it.

TJ said...

I think you mis-read it. It says:

Wrong sides of Front/Back pieces face out, wrong sides of Side pieces face in.

One of the Front/Back pieces will be Fabric A, one will be Fabric B.

The Front/Back pieces are sewn right sides together with the side pieces (one fabric A and one Fabric B) between the two Front/Back pieces. The side pieces are placed wrong sides together in between the Front/Back pieces, which are placed right sides together. Match the fabrics (Fabric A to fabric A, and fabric B to fabric B)

Looking at the stack in the picture (photo right before step 4) it is

Fabric A Front/Back right side towards the ceiling,

fabric A Side piece wrong side towards the ceiling,

fabric B Side piece right side towards the ceiling,

fabric B Front/Back wrong side towards the ceiling.

Another way to think of it: put the purple fabrics (Side piece and Front/Back piece) right sides together. Then put the blue fabrics (Side piece and Front/Back piece) right sides together. Then stack the two sets of fabrics with the WRONG sides of the Side pieces together.

Yes, it's kinda confusing and that's why I did the photos. It was so confusing in the original written directions (no photos!) that I had to read through it quite a few times and figure out what she meant. I found a few other blogs that had tried the pattern but gave up and made two separate hats, then sewed them together.

This is a great pattern and I really wanted people to be able to use it according to the pattern. It's an ingenious way to make a reversible cap without the two fabrics shifting.

jbrace said...

Thank you so much!!!! I am new to sewing, so some of the descriptions i read from the original pattern were just hard to follow. The first hat I made I had to do two separate hats and sew them together but I really wanted to try it this way. You have made it much easier to understand for this newbie. Thank you

TJ said...

I'm glad you stopped by and asked :) If you have any more trouble, I'll be happy to help if I can.

jbrace said...

I'm wondering if you have any pointers for me. I can't get the top of the welding beanie to line up exactly right. Seems like I've always got a hole in there and the stitching isn't matching up exactly. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong.

TJ said...

I'm not sure I can help you without sitting by your side. I can tell you that it's tricky to get that part to line up correctly. On the first one I made I had to hand stitch a small hole on the top closed. I think the more you make, the better you get at making everything line up correctly. I use alot of pins, too! And I take my time lining everything up and then pinning.

Heidi said...

I found your tutorial thru a Google search. I just wanted to send a big thank you for providing a great pattern. I especially love that it can be adjusted to fit perfectly. I made one for my cousin and he keeps telling me how much he loves his cap! I did have a hard time with the assembly, but you clarified it better for me in the comments section. Thanks again!

Sweet Baby K's Bowtique said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial! Putting the sides together with the front sections were confusing at first but it really helped with your instructions! My husband loves his hat. He also likes the thinner band! I will be making a couple more soon!

jbrace said...

I've made quite a few of these welding beanies and I just can't seem to get the seams to line up right at the top of the hat. Are there any other tips you can give me?

TJ said...

Accurate cutting and seam allowances. Try using a pencil to draw in the seam allowance, match up the seam allowances on the pieces, pin like a crazy person, then sew along the drawn seam allowance.

I'm not sure if that will help since I can't see you sew and I don't have photos to go by.

Aaron Munoz said...

Hello how do I print out the templates for the pieces of the hat

TJ said...

The pattern can be found here:

You should be able to print from your browser. Make sure that you don't have any scaling selected in your print window. Check the "scale bar" on the side piece to make sure you have the right size for your head.

Kimberly Wilder said...

I'm nearing the end of the welding cap making experience. I am currently trying to sew the band/brim onto the cap.

"Sew one raw edge of the band (not the side with the pressed edge) to the crown. Align the pressed raw edge of the band with the seam, covering the seam on the crown. Hand stitch or top stitch the band in place."

I'm confused by this part. Am I sewing through both layers of the cap? I understand I'm not sewing through both layers of the band.

Any help would be great! Thank you!

TJ said...

Yes, you sew the whole crown (inside and outside) as if it was one piece, to one side of the band. That gives you a stitching line to follow when you hand stitch the pressed side of the band to the crown.

I hope that helps!

JenMikku said...

Did you use a sewing machine?

TJ said...

Yes, I use a sewing machine to sew the first part (the crown to once side of the band) but I hand sew the pressed side of the band to the crown in the final step. You could use a sewing machine for that part. If you did, the seam would be on the outside. Sometimes I like the look of top stitching, sometimes I prefer to hand stitch so that the stitches are hidden.

JenMikku said...

Is it possible to do it all by hand!?

TJ said...

Yes, it would take more time. Be sure to make your stitches small and back-stitch every few stitches to add strength to the seam. Welders are not easy on their clothing :)

JenMikku said...

thank you!

TJ said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Rafael Simoes said...

Thanks for the amazing post!
I just don't understand how do you hand stitch the the crown to the band with the stitches hidden.

Cinda said...

Match the seam of the band to the seam where two Front/Back pieces come together. Do not place the bill along one of the Side pieces! The cap won't fit correctly! The Side pieces need to be on the side of the head. Sew one raw edge of the band (not the side with the pressed edge) to the crown. Align the pressed raw edge of the band with the seam, covering the seam on the crown. Hand stitch or top stitch the band in place.

I don't quite understand how it all connects by what you say here. Would you be able to go into more detail here? The other post help me on step three so thanks for posting this.

TJ said...

Just be very careful about where you place the band and bill. On one of my first tries I put the bill and band on the side of the cap instead of the front of the cap. It didn't fit properly, so I had to rip out that seam and align the band and the bill to the front of the cap :)

Lisa Criswell said...

I don't know if I'm blind or just dumb, but I do not for the life of me understand step 3 :(

TJ said...

The side sections (the pieces with the flat spot across the top, not the pointy spot) has been sewn together for both color A and color B. (Step 1)

Those two pieces were placed wrong sides together (Step 3 photo 1). You can't see the blue fabric underneath the purple fabric in the photo, but it's there.

Think of that as the the 'ham' in a sandwich.

Match the blue fabric Front/Back piece to the blue fabric on the Side piece (bottom 'bread' in a sandwich). Match the purple fabric Front/Back section to the purple fabric on the Side piece (the top 'bread' in the sandwich.)

The order and direction of the pieces from the table to what you can see are:
•blue Front/Back piece (right side up)
*blue Side piece (right side matching the right side of the Front/Back piece so you would see the wrong side)
*purple Side piece (wrong side down so you would see the right side and the purple wrong side would be laying on the blue wrong side--wrong sides together)
* purple Front/Back piece (wrong side up (just like you see in the photo)

Stitch from the point of the Front/Back piece, through all 4 layers of fabric, to the crown (or from the crown to the point of the Front/Back piece).

Go on to step 4.

I hope that helps!

Layne said...

Hi there,

Great tutorial! Just wondering if you can clarify step 4 a little further (specifically what's happening in photo's 1 & 3) someone relatively new to sewing? With all the layers and such I`m a little lost on that step.

Thanks so much!

Kristy Sierra said...

I am a senior in high school and love spending my extra time sewing. I am a beginner of course, and have tried twice to make this hat and still can't!! I get to the part where I sandwich the two side pieces between two front/back pieces of fabric A and fabric B, and I have no idea where to sew from there or how to make the hat. If you could, please make a simple video of you making the hat. The written directions are hard to follow. Your pictures help SO much but it is still very hard to see where you stitch and how exactly you unfold it to create the final bowl shaped hat. It would be a miracle if you made a quick video to show us how you did it. I want to make my boyfriend a welding cap for our anniversary and it's only a week away! You would be a life saver if you could make a video so I could make him one by Christmas at the latest. Please and Thank you, TJ!! :) - Kristy Swann Altamonte Springs, Fl

TJ said...

I've never made a video before! I don't know if I can sew and hold a camera at the same time. I'll see what I can do, but no promises because I've been so busy with life lately!

TJ said...

Layne, Step 3 photo 4 shows the seam going from the point of the hat to the brim of the hat.

Step 4 photo 1 shows the Side pieces sandwiched between the Front/Back pieces and sewn from the point to the brim.

If you look at Step 3 photo 4, bring the long Side piece that isn't sewn down between the left side of the Front/Back pieces. Just take the Side piece, swing it down between the Front/Back pieces, and sew from the point to the crown just like you did in Step 3 photo 4.

Step 4 photo 2 shows the side pieces (the one with the straight edge at the top of the pieces) on the left and the Front/Back pieces on the right.

Step 4 photo 3 is set up the same way as Step 3 photo 4. You sew the other Front/Back on the same way you sewed the first Front/Back sections on.

Kristy Sierra said... boyfriend's hat came out awesome!! I regret posting about all the fuss earlier. With some flipping and adjusting of the fabric, lots of pins, and patience..I finally got it. I can't imagine how many people stole this pattern from you and probably didn't even have the patience to do it. This pattern is great and with time, I came out with a really unique welding hat that can't be found anywhere else! I want to tell you thank you and now I'm proud of myself and now know how to make my own. My VERY first one came out almost perfect! I would love to post a picture but not sure how. Haha! Anyways, thanks again, and have a great day!! :)

TJ said...

Great job Kristy!

It's really not my pattern. There's a link up in the post that shows where I got the pattern from. I just did a tutorial on it. You can send me a photo at tjguitar40 at comcast dot net. I'll love to post it here so everyone can see that a newbie can do it!

Nanna said...

Where would I find the pattern for the sizes to cut out the pieces! Would love to try this! Thank you!

TJ said...

The links are in the 4th paragraph above.

Here's the hat:

Here's the instructions she gives:

Cindie Bright said...

I just wanted to say Thank you for posting your directions and photos. This is a really unique way to put a cap together with no seams showing! I love it!
I didn't read every comment, but someone had asked about lining up the seams. It works for me to line up the seam and put a pin there, then turn it over and line up the other seam and put a pin right there. It's a quilting trick. It makes it a little bulky when you sew all four layers together with those pins but it works! Thanks again!

Heather Anson said...

Thank you for posting these. This is the style my husband wears, with the flat topped middle piece. I've looked for a pattern for a while and only found the style with four pointed top pieces. This style fits much better. Happy sewing.

Brandon Erme said...

can someone please post step by step instructions on how to resize this template after it is saved to the computer in its original size this is the only thing holding me back:(

TJ said...

There is a 'Scale Bar" on the Side piece of the welders cap. When that scale bar measures the length listed, it fits the circumference of the head size that is listed. You will have to use trial and error by printing the page at different percentages (or take it to a copy shop and tell them you want to print it at different percentages) until the scale bar measures the correct. I think I printed mine out at 96% or close to that to get the scale bar to be the correct length for the hats I was making.

Paper Bagley said...

My son is a welder and surfed to you. He is wanting me to make him these hats...having a time with the paper pattern for sizing.
I have a cousin in law that has a goat farm in Bow, Washington, they are called; Gothberg Farms they are on Facebook and have their own web site...Their cheese is to the moon and back.
Thanks for sharing, Tootsie from Oregon

TJ said...

Thanks for stopping by!

You have to play a little with your printer settings. I printed my first one at 100% and measured the Scale Bar on the side pattern. If the Side Bar measurement matches the head measurement that is listed below the Scale Bar, then you use the pattern you printed.

If the Scale Bar doesn't match the size listed that you want to use, adjust your printer output to either a higher percentage for a larger pattern or a lower percentage for a smaller size.

Missy Ortiz said...

I don't understand the pictures of the crown! I can't get it? :(

TJ said...

Missy, I'm sorry. I don't know how to explain it any better than I already have. Lack of English skills on my part. Maybe if you use similar colors to the ones I've used you can follow the pictures and written directions again. Sometimes I have to actually sew something out before I figure it out.

Claudia Strohak said...

Thank you for the pattern and especially for the tutorial. It took a bit of patience but I did manage to make 2 caps! I did have a question regarding the fabric. Do you use fire retardant fabric and any suggestions as to where I can find any? Thanks again

TJ said...

No, I didn't use fire-retardant fabric. You can buy Fire retardant Spray for fabric at Dharma Trading Co online. It's called Safe-T-Guard Fire Retardant Spray.

Kristi Lattig said...

i was wondering what the size would be i have tried for years to make these for my husband i have even took one apart and used it as a pattern but it never came out like it should have

TJ said...

Measure around the crown of your husband's head. Then adjust the pattern using a copier until the scale bar on the pattern matches the measurement for your husband's head.

Brenda said...

Can you anyway possible print the pattern for the welding cap and mail it to be i will send concealed cash or trade you for postage stamps or whatever you want, I just can not print it, trying so hard to make my grandson some caps. thank you so much Brenda Goodall

Cheri Carroll said...

Awesome! I never thought welding caps would actually come up on Google of I tried to look it up. The first time I saw my husbands welding caps, i thought the hats were something his ex girlfriend had left behind. They were crazy bright patterns that were tidied with peace signs, and blue jean, etc. then he told me what they were and he's pretty old school, been welding for like 20 years. And being 20 years my senior I didn't think any more about them till one day I got a sewing machine. He was thrilled. He says, hell yeah now you can make me some welding caps. I thought I was going to have to take one apart and put it back together. He said he only knew one woman who made them at the flea market. I am thrilled about this site. And the history on the unique patterns is great. I thought they were left overs from the seventies

Dannie said...

First of all, thank you so much for this post and everything in it! I'd show the standard gratitude, but that's not actually why I'm commenting at the moment. I just had to tell you that I went out to get some awesome fabrics to use, came back, and realized I got like the exact same blue map material you were using! XD Oh, I wish I could show you. It gave me such a laugh. Anywho, I'm about to begin the project, so that's all for now. Thanks again!

TJ said...

That's too funny! I love that fabric so much that I had to go back and buy a few more yards of it!

Terri Robinson said...

Hi TJ, thank you for your previous help, I finally kept going over it till I got it. Now I have Step 3 finished and where it goes into Step 4 and says pull out the side sections and add the other 2 pieces of Front/Back as we did in step 3, anyway of explaining a little more. Right now I have what looks like 1/2 the cap my fabric A right side up facing ceiling/ all my seams are incased. Not sure where I attach the next front back pieces to ? And thank you again for all your help..I am learning a lot.

TJ said...

Terri, does your cap look like the second picture in step 4? If it does, then your next step is to put the other front/back section on the other side of the side section.

ella gregory said...

Is there anyway to fix it if the band is bigger then the cap ? I was pinning the band on and its too big

TJ said...

Take a bigger seam on the band, that should help. If the band is 1" too big, take 1/2" seam. Since the fabric is folded right sides together, that will take out 1" in the band.

ilovekorn said...

i am trying to print your directions with pictures, do you have a print friendly version?

TJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TJ said...

No, I'm sorry. I don't have a print friendly version. Just the one here on the blog. Working two part-time jobs, working on the farm, and keeping up to blogs takes a lot of time! I actually had no idea how popular this post would be! One day I hope to make a new tutorial with better pictures and a downloadable PDF tutorial. But that's about 6-8 hours worth of work.

Karey Bitney said...

It seems the sizing is off. I made 21 inch thinking thats my husband size. It fits a 5 year old lol (great first time practice). Then my husband comes home and I was able to measure his head which is a 23" head and just made that size cap. It does not fit him but it fits me :( You have great tutorial and thank you for that. I just don't know what size to do next.

TJ said...

The original pattern is linked in the post. I didn't make the original pattern. Perhaps you aren't measuring their heads properly. You should be measuring around the forehead and straight around the back, not near the neck. Also, I'm not sure if you printed the pattern at the right percentage. Did your head band turn out the correct size and the hat turn out the wrong size? If your head band turned out the wrong size (it didn't fit the hat you made)then you may not have measured your husband's head correctly. Other than that, I can't tell what went wrong.

ilovekorn said...

Anyone that had luck doing this hat want to help me out please. I am the type who needs a video to show me what to do, I can't for the life of me follow written directions. I am stumped at the band part. I have sewed and tore this hat apart so many times I ready to toss call it quits. I set it down and started another hat now I'm stumped at the sandwiche part lol...I just reread it again for umpteenth time and I have been called fused with side and front/back prices, I d them mixed up. So now I'm back to the. Band my head hurts. If you would like to help ....I can be found on fb missy stothers. Tia

Robin Malatesta said...

Thank you for this tutorial. You only mention a seam allowance for brim and band. Is the seam allowance 1/4 inch throughout the whole pattern?

TJ said...

Yes, all the seams are 1/4"

Laurie said...

I have never seen such a screwy, complicated pattern yall! I have a son who welds and he asked me last week to make him some caps, as he only has one that was given to him and worn out. I'm so over this pattern! I AM GOING TO DO A VIDEO TUTORIAL for everyone. I think TJ is awesome for trying to explain it and so nice of her for the photos. I think her terminology is throwing people off. Give me one week from today and I will post it on my YouTube channel. Maybe I'll win an Academy Award. lol. just kiddin. But, not about the video. I'm working on it now....

TJ said...

I'd love to see a video! That would be wonderful! I don't have the time to do one and post here because I work two part-time jobs and run the farm. If you do post a video, I'll update the post and embed the video at the end.

ella gregory said...

it took me a few to figure out how to do this pattern but i figured it out and made a couple for some friends . they liked them . thank u for the PATERN

froggymomma said...

patiently waiting for the video tut that Laurie said she was going to make. its taken me 4 days to finally get everything together. am sewing the band on tonight. one hat down...5 to go. would love to get quicker at this!! lol thanks yall for all the hard work of making these tutorials!! :)

TJ said...

I'm waiting, too :) I'm sure there are lots of people that learn better by video than photos.

This post took me hours.... lots and lots of hours! Thanks so much for your note of appreciation!

Rene of Paris said...

Does anyone have a good tip to measure the circumference of the welding cap? I get different measurements and it drives me crazy when making have pinned the tape measure inside the cap and after many times of adjusting (stiching near a seam) I finally get the right measurement. I wish there was an easy way because it takes up so much time to pin and unpin the measure tape inside because it has to be exact for me. It's not always whole numbers either.

darcey norrid said...

thank you so much for your time and effort I realize how much time was put into this. I am a welder and have wanted to make my own hat for years, never the time , the bill protects the neck but also the ear that is up from weld sparks. I will have to say I have all the respect to those I have purchased these hats from as they are time consuming, I can make 400.00 $$ in the time it takes to weld one LO, probibly why I have always purchased. I did find this very informative until middle of step 3 to 4 I got lost I will look at mine harder ( the one I took apart, but the colors were so close it is hard to tell sequence, but none the less I appreciate this, darcey

TJ said...

Your comment shows me how important it is that we all have different strengths so that we can help each other! I know a few welders. They are hardworking, intelligent people and I appreciate all that they do. Civilization couldn't get along without you!

Toya said...

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I am completely done with step 3, however, moving on to step 4 I am totally confused. My fabric looks exactly like the last photo in step 3. I am puzzled on what to do next. Please help. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Ihave been trying to figure it out for 8 hours now. Thank you :)

TJ said...

In step 3 you've only sewn from the crown of the cap to the dot through all four layers. Step 4 repeats that step on the other side: sew from the crown of the hat to the dot on the top of the hat.

Once that is done it will enclose the seam of the side pieces (the hourglass shaped pieces) and will look like the second picture in Step 4.

The next step has you repeat step 3 and 4 with the other two Front/Back sections (matching fabrics blue side to blue side piece, and purple to the purple side piece.)

I hope that helps!

Toya said...

I wanted to thank you for your help, but somehow I just can't understand it. I'm new to sewing and my brain just is not grasping step 4 - repeat that step on the other side. My fabric looks like the last photo is step 3 which I sewed from crown to dot on the right hand side. Now I am supposed to repeat on the otherside... do I flip the fabric or sew on the lefthand side? I've tried so many ways and it's not coming out.

TJ said...

You should have another 1/2 of the cap left. In the second picture in Step 2 there are two purple and two blue Front/Back sections. In steps 3 and 4 you are only putting one purple and one blue front/back section onto the side (hourglass shaped section).

When you pull the side sections (hourglass shaped section) out from between the two front/back sections you have the second photo in step 4.

You will still have two front/back sections left, one blue and one purple.

You have to do the same thing to those front/back sections (sew them onto the side section-hourglass shaped piece). or you won't have an entire cap.

You have to pin in place those two sections (blue and purple) right sides together to the raw edge of the side section (hourglass shaped section) and sew from the crown to the dot, just like step 3.

Then sandwich the other raw edge of the side section (hourglass shaped section) between the raw unsewn edges of the front/back section and sew from the crown to the dot.

Once you pull the side section (hourglass shaped section) out you will have the 4th picture in section 4–the crown of the cap.

I hope that helps!

Toya said...

Thank you so much... I finally figured it out with your help! Couldn't have done it without you. Now just stumbled on another part that I can't seem to figure out. I sewed the band's onto the bill... now how do I attach the dome to the band? I'm so sorry to keep pestering you about this hat. Almost done. :)

Toya said...

Thank you so much for all the help. I now have a finished product. :)

TJ said...

Great job! This was a really difficult pattern to figure out from the original directions, which is why I did the post. I tried to do a better job, but this would be better taught in a class or a video. I just haven't had the time to put together a video for it.

I'm so glad you got one done! I hope you make another one soon. It will be much faster the second time, and it will help you remember all you figured out while you were making this one!

Lacy Williams said...

I just started learning to sew an my husband would love these I've made a few but still kinda stumped on a few things.. 1st.. his head measures 21inchs.. but when I cut out my pattern the bottom measures 4.5 so how do I get my 1/4 inch seams if I have an inch to get rid of... an next the band.. I see some with some without but I can't for the life of me seem to figure out how that is put on... I really hope I get an answer this is just short of driving me crazy.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks in advance

TJ said...

I'm not really sure what your asking about the pattern bottom pieces measuring 4.5".

1/4" (seam allowance from each seam) x 12 (raw edges of crown section) = 3" that will be in seams.

I haven't ever measured the bottom of the hat pattern, I've just used the scale bar on the pattern piece labeled "SIDE." If my scale bar is the correct measurement, then my hat turns out the correct size.

In the section of the post labeled "Band" it says to put the bill between the two bands (inside and outside) and sew along the raw edge that has the bill. Hopefully you got that far.

The next step is to sew ONE SIDE of the raw edge of the band/bill onto the crown (top part) of the cap. In the photo you'll notice that there is a pressed edge on the purple part of the band. That part gets hand sewn to the inside (purple part) of the cap. That's the cleanest way to sew the band closed.

You could topstitch through all layers to get the band attached, but you would see the stitching on the other side.

Megan Pego said...

I cannot figure out how to rescale pattern to make different sizes.
Can you please help me?

Thank you

TJ said...

You'll have to print it out either at the copy center, or on your home printer, trying different print settings until the scale bar measures the length that corresponds with the size you need. I printed mine at 100% to get the right size (25" head). The scale bar measured 10.0 cm. You'll have to use a metric ruler instead of a regular ruler with inches.

It's a bit of trial and error. You may have to print the pattern a few times at a few different increase or decrease scale settings in either your printer window or at the copy center.

Unknown said...

I am trying to make a hard brim welding caps what would I use to do that

TJ said...

I would probably use something like PelTex for the brim. It's stiff, but still flexible.