Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Welder

The guys got a new welder. Because of Hubby's business he can write the whole set-up off on his taxes.

They are having so much fun!

And Son1 can heat the metal so fast he's also doing some blacksmithing with it.

He's looking for a brake drum to make an official forge, but this will do for a while.

All three out there having fun with the new plasma welder.

It's not very big.

This one uses denatured alcohol and distilled water to make plasma.

Hubby decided that they needed a generator to go with the welder so they could take the welder out in the field.
If you've got questions, I can ask the guys and give you some answers.

Other than that, I just know they are having a great time out there in the gazebo!


*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Our..*Ahem*.. My brother-in-law's welder that he stores here at our house is Quite handy to have around!!

TJ said...

Vet2Be fell in love with welding in his AgMechanics class this year. We're happy about his new hobby and think it will come in handy around here, too! And best of all.... he spent more time with the welder than the computer yesterday :)