Saturday, April 28, 2012


I couldn't pass her up.

Actually, I almost did pass her up.

But Hubby said to get it.
My Grandma gave me one soon after Hubby and I were married. A few years later (and needing something that would sew heavier fabric) someone talked me out of it for $50 and I've always regretted it.
Blondie and I were wandering through Sandy Antique Mall looking for a dresser or chest of drawers for Prion's room and I saw this beauty sitting in the cabinet.

She's so pretty and in such good shape! There were only a few spots of wear on the flip down arm. The decals are all in perfect shape.

And she came with a carry case in great shape, too. The case doesn't even smell!

Look at all the feet that were in the attachments box! Even a few original needles.

Her only scar is a chip from the bottom of the socket.
She's visiting A1 Sewing right now. They were able to save my serger and make it sew like it was brand new, so they're giving my new girl a Platinum Service to make sure she is running smoothly and will give me years of good sewing.

The owner saw her and said, "Oh, we love Featherweights!"

So do I.

The woman 'checking her in' looked up the serial number and said she was built sometime between 1950 and 1951. Fantastic shape for a 60+ year old machine.

I can hardly wait 2 weeks to give her a spin on my next quilt block.

And I'll be thinking of my Grandma and smiling the whole time I'm sewing.


Marci said...

I have one and love it!!! :)

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Its beautiful!! I have one from the 70's and I love it!! Its a "feather weight" too!lol

TJ said...

Sounds like I'm in good company!

goldensolitude said...

I love featherweights!!! My mother had one that she bought in 1940 that I learned to sew on. I inherited when she died. I so loved hers that I bought my own about 25 years ago. It was made in Canada in 1954 and it is beige. It seems like the ones made in Canada were beige.