Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starting the Shed

Another project we are working on is getting a new shed built for the lawn mower, tiller, and all the other yard equipment. Hubby's got a great employee (and friend) who is helping us with both the kitchen and the shed.

Hubby's business is always slow in January and February which means this great friend's budget is a bit tight to take care of his amazing wife and six kids. That means that we have the chance to have some work done around here by someone who is really trustworthy and does a FANTASTIC job! He is also someone who doesn't mind having his kids (or mine) help them. He's a wonderful teacher, too.

This is where the shed will be built. The three fruit trees haven't done well here (we think it's the soil) so they will come out.
Another photo of the same spot.... makes me realize we need to do something about the gazebo, too. But that is not as high on the priority list.
As long as our friend is bringing in road base to put under the new shed, he's going to fix this hole at the end of the Barn Road. It used to have a HUGE cement water conduit that would direct the water either onto our property or across the street.
Another view of the 'Big Hole' and wasted corner.
Starting to clear the area where the shed will be. It's about 8 inches lower than the Barn Road.
With all the snow gone, it looks like a big mess.

Starting to move the gravel around.
This is the Barn Road, the access road that goes from our street to the barn, which you can see on the right of the photo.
Done for the day! The camper is moved into the back corner, the street end of the Barn Road is graded with the extra road base....
And the pad is ready for the new shed!
I can't tell you how lovely it looks compared to what it used to look like! I'm just all smiles! If it stayed like this without a new shed, I'd be happy, too!
The camper is parked in the old water conduit spot. It's not quite as level because he used some of the fill dirt from the garden area before he put the gravel on top. No worries, we can take care of that with rocks and dirt this spring.
All ready to start building on Saturday!

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