Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remodeling Soon!

I'm really excited... ecstatic actually! We are getting a new kitchen soon! Yay!

Here's what it looks like now.

Unstaged, un-retouched photo of the kitchen today.
The new cabinets will take up the same footprint as the old ones so we don't have to replace the tile. There's alot of tile in this room!

What we're planning on this side of the room:

The dropped ceiling comes OUT! Yay!

New upper and lower cabinets, the upper cabinets will be tall ones so they reach the ceiling.

The upper cabinets will include a corner cabinet on both ends of the wall, which should give me more room to store the appliances that are now on the counter top.

The dishwasher will be moved to the left so that the sink can be moved over. The sink cabinet is one of the reasons we are getting new cabinets. We've had so many plumbing troubles that the bottom is... well.... it's still there. But it's particle board, and after this much flooding it's soft.

The sink will be moved to the left by so that we can install a corner cupboard with a lazy Susan here.

This is where the refrigerator used to be. I lost count of how many times ketchup and milk went down the stairs. Who does that? Puts a refrigerator at the top of the stairs? In a family home? 
 This will all be changed to real cabinets and real counter tops instead of just fitting a rolling cart into the corner. I'm sure it will feel as if I have alot more counter space when it's done!

This corner is another reason to get new cabinets. Actually, it's the drawers. Hubby's fixed the drawers and the rollers so often that he's kinda tired of it. They are 35 year old cabinets that weren't well built in the first place. 

The other side of the bar. This is where the fridge is now. A kinda weird spot, but much better than the top of the stairs. Instead of the cupboard to the left of the fridge, there will be a built in pantry. And a cabinet over the fridge.
If we had more time (and fewer jobs) then we would probably tackle the job ourselves. As it is, we thought this project would be too much for us, especially with Hubby out of town so often.

So, we have a contractor coming in to take out the dropped ceiling and and upper cabinets, and refinish the ceiling. Hopefully the dropped ceiling won't be too bad. It was installed when one of the previous owners added the addition to the house. So much of the ceiling is still textured (I peeked behind the lights!)

Then the cabinet guys can come in and measure for the cabinets.

Hopefully I'll take a day to paint the walls with the upper cabinets gone and the ceiling finished.

It will take a few weeks for the cabinets to be constructed after they are ordered. While we are waiting we'll have the contractor come back and finish tearing out the bottom cabinets.

When he's done the plumber can come in and move the sink and dishwasher (that's the part I'm dreading right now. No sink and no dishwasher!) Thankfully (sort of) the rooms below the kitchen aren't really finished and so the ceiling and the plumbing are exposed. That might make the job a bit easier. I hope.

After that I'll be completely crazed. I'll probably be wondering what I was thinking in the first place!

Then the cabinets can be installed.

Next the counter top guys can come and do a final measurement for the counter tops.

And THEN the counter tops will come.

Hopefully I'll have a new kitchen in about 3 months.

At least that's the plan.

We'll see how many 'incidents' there are along the way :)

And that's not the only project that we're tackling around here.

A bedroom is finally getting re-done.

And a new mower/tiller garage is being built.

Soooo nice to be able to get a few major things done this year! We've been making do for so long that everything will be very appreciated!

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