Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Progress on the Shed

Hubby, Vet2Be, Our Good Friend, and his son were working hard all day Saturday to get the shed up. Monday, Our Good Friend was here putting the walls and roof on.

Here are the progress photos!
Ready, Set, GO!
I was busy in the house so I didn't start the photos until the floor was done.

These cement blocks are what make the shed 'not permanent', so it's legal to build. Permanent foundation means we would need a building permit.

Hubby is on the right. Usually he's the boss man, but today he's taking direction from Our Good Friend who has lots more building experience. (Our Good Friend is also Hubby's employee in 'regular life')

Our Good Friend's son on the left and Vet2Be on the right getting the 2x4s ready to start the wall.

Our Good Friend on the left, Hubby on the right. They work together sooooo well!

See this! This is a GREAT Dad! He's teaching his son how to measure and mark the 2x4s so they know where to nail the studs for the wall. Dads like this are priceless! Their kids probably won't appreciate them until they are much older!

First wall up! Yay!

Vet2Be hasn't ever done any building before today. He gets to be the 'gopher' and 'go fer' wood, nails, or whatever else they need. He's a good sport and felt like he didn't do much, but Hubby said they were really glad to have the extra set of hands out there.

All the walls up and Our Good Friend starting on the roof.

Roof trusses up, and you can see the opening for the door.

That was it for Saturday. A great day's work!

Monday Our Good Friend brought someone in to help him get the walls and the roof sheathing on.

Inside view from the door. I think this shed is bigger than our first apartment was. At any rate, it's alot nicer than our first apartment.

This is the south end. Eventually we'll put a little overhang here and pallets on the ground so we can store the firewood. Right now the firewood is under the playset. While we would love to keep the wood inside the backyard fence, that isn't possible. We have a dog that LOVES to play in the wood pile and tear it apart :)

So far, sooooooo good!

It should be finished today, except for the painting which will have to wait until it gets warmer. It will probably be a boring tan color with green trim, just like the barn. People in our area like things to be 'matchy matchy' so we'll keep them happy.

If it was me choosing the color, I would pick a nice red with white trim!

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