Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning the Barn

On Saturday Hubby and I cleaned out the barn. Vet2Be was at the state fair showing dairy goats for his 4-H leader so he wasn't here to help.

He'll be helping over the next few days, though. His job is to burn all the twigs and sticks that are lying around the yard.

Barns get stacked with stuff! 

All the wheat was moved to the top of the tack room, the pallets were taken out and cleaned, Hubby tilled and smoothed the area that will hold 6 tons of hay (hopefully!)
Vet2Be and Hubby above the tack room reinforcing the ceiling so we could store the wheat up high. There is no more room for food storage in the house. Even though the barn isn't the best place for storing wheat, the wheat will be good enough to keep us alive if dire days hit our family.
All the old hay was cleaned out from the pallets. I think it's been 5 years since we did that. Not much mold, but enough that we were glad we took the time to clean them.

The chickens are doing their job! They are spreading the old hay around the dry lot so that Hubby can till it in and eventually plant grass here!

Just a few more hens working almost as hard as we did!
There is still more to do! Vet2Be will be burning the piles of sticks left from the 6 trees that were taken down this year (you can see a small pile behind the chickens in the photo above). We are getting hay in about 1 1/2 weeks--6 tons--and that all has to be stacked. The garden is still producing, so there is still some preserving to do...

And I really, really want to try my new cheese maker!

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