Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burn Barrel

If you haven't ever seen a burn barrel, here is a photo of ours.

It is a metal drum with no top or bottom. It sits on about 6 firebricks. Really, it is just a chimney sitting on a few firebricks!

This one has quite a nice fire going! 
One of the great things about a burn barrel is that it burns up wood and brush quickly with very little smoke or flying cinders.

It's a good idea to be very, very careful around this much heat and fire. The photo doesn't show the hose that is close by just in case there is a problem. You can see the shovel handle in front of the barrel so that if there is a cinder that happens to start something we can either smother it with dirt or put it out with water from the hose.

We love having a burn barrel around to get rid of all the little bits of branches and twigs that are lying around. We use ours at least twice every year!


Jackie said...

When we were young, my borther and i would rost hotdogs over the burn barrel.

TJ said...

My teenagers made s'mores a few weeks ago :)

lilbitfarms said...

We have one of these as well and it works great for taking care of the tumbleweeds out here on the Colorado plains!

TJ said...

Thanks for stopping by!