Monday, July 25, 2011


Just a few photos of the hike to Willow Springs this year. The spring run-off is still running off. Hubby hasn't seen the water this high in 40 years.

In the 30 years we've been camping here I've seen one layer of sandbags here once or twice. Heavy snowfall last winter and lots of rain this spring. We are grateful for all the water this year, especially when there are so many places that have drought.

Water under the bridge!

Lots and lots of flowers this summer! Probably because of all the water.

Head of the springs. This is where the water starts and flows in the river in the previous pictures.

Usually no water coming out of this part of the head at this time of the year.

We can usually cross over to the slop on the left side of the picture by stepping on rocks. Not this year!

The other spot at the head of the springs that is usually dry this time of year.


*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

That is beautiful!!!

TJ said...

Thanks Tonia! Pretty amazing for living in the desert :)

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing.