Monday, May 16, 2011

Re-using a Bottle Cap

My FroggyFriend sent this to me. What a great idea! I'm sure I am going to use it.

Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps

I don't have any extra water bottles right now, or I would try it and take some photos for you. But I thought it was such a fun idea that I wanted to share it as well as remember it for later.

We've been busy! The new fencing is almost all in. We decided to add more, so the guys are coming back in a week or two to add the next length. We've got what we think is a great idea for some fencing around the garden, so that will be added to the fencing list, too.

We went camping.

The garden has been tilled.

The neighbor had 7 kids over the weekend. They have Mini-LaManchas and have never had kids before. All went well! But they didn't know about dipping navels or how to get a tiny kid to start suckling. They are wonderful people and we LOVE them to PIECES! They are great with their goats (and ours) as well as their two-legged kids. They always try to do what is best. It is great to live down the road from them and we are always willing to help them whenever we can.

Vet2Be was elected Treasurer in the FFA at his high school. He also started the new season of 4-H. 

We are clearing junk out from around the farm. We are on the third construction sized dumpster and will fill one more before we are done! We've been sharing with the neighbor, so it's not all from us! They knocked down a shed that took alot of space in the dumpster.

Sometimes I think that the junk and garbage on a farm multiplies like rabbits! Every few years we seem to fill two or three construction dumpsters!

So, it's been kinda busy! Which is why I haven't posted.

Hubby let me use his work camera (smiles and smiles from me!) but that means I have a manual to read, too. Hopefully I'll be taking better photos soon!

Our weather is still chilly most days, which is wonderful for working in the yard.

I hope your spring has been as busy and fun as ours has been so far!

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