Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New Cheese Press

Sheepy's dad made me a cheese press. He made one for her, too.

I haven't gotten to try it out for pressing cheese yet. But I had an idea for using it to hang my chevre while it was draining! I also had a few minutes to gauge it using my weights and a bathroom scale.

Here's the link to my old cheese press. This one is much nicer and easier to use!

You can see the masking tape I wrote on to mark how much weight would be on the press. I decided I didn't want it to be permanent just in case I decide to use different weights.
I used an 'S' hook to hang my cheese from the end post. You can see in the previous picture how I put a pot beneath to catch the whey. I also had a book under the press so that the arm would be higher when I hung the cheese.


darius said...

That's pretty cool. I like how you marked off the weights at different lengths on the lever.

I'm hoping to build my press in the next couple of weeks...

TJ said...

This one is much nicer than my old one that was made out of checker boards and dowels.

I hope your new one goes together easily! Only one suggestion.... make sure a bathroom scale will fit in the bottom (where the book is in the photo) so that you can easily calibrate the press.

Linda said...

That is great!!! I want one too! Are you going to tell us how to do the calibrating and how to make it? I love it!

TJ said...

I'll post next week on how to calibrate the press. Sheepy's dad made it for me, so... I don't have any photos or instructions of how it was made. I think I can find a link for a Dutch press so you can have some plans. I've noticed that most people find plans and then use them as a guide when they make their own.