Friday, February 11, 2011

More Fingerless Mittens

I knit a fingerless mitten on the knitting machine for Vet2Be yesterday. It didn't turn out right. The thumb was too fat (too many increases) and the ribbing bind off around the hand was too tight.


I woke up this morning dreaming about the right way to do it.

I've completely reworked the pattern in my head and created a worksheet to work out all the numbers.

Here's the messy worksheet with all Vet2Be's measurements on it.

Just so you can see what the mess in my head looks like!
I'll let you know if the mitten turns out better fitting this time (or if it is a bigger mess than the first one was!). If I get it all worked out, I'll post the worksheet with fill-in-the-blanks so you and I can both use it again and again.

If it's posted, I won't loose the 'recipe' and maybe someone else will find it helpful, too!


Marie said...

I love your 'worksheet'. I have many a piece of paper on it that made total sense when I wrote it, then when I go back to it months later it leaves me scratching my head! LOL!!
Good luck! Wish I could help but I don't have a knitting machine. (just my fingers :))

TJ said...

Yes, it sure is a mess! Hopefully I'll get it worked out and then written down so I can do it again later :) I always appreciate it when other people blog their messes as well as their successes, so I thought I'd do the same thing.