Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better Than Plastic

Saturday I spent a few hours cleaning out the front flower bed. Needless to say, it was full of weeds and dead leaves. I ran out of space in the garbage pail. Hubby would prefer that we throw some weeds away instead of putting them in the garden, and these weeds were not 'goat friendly'.

I was dreading the thought of shoving weeds into the big green plastic garbage bags. It doesn't matter what I do or what I put them in, they get holes and are difficult to move.

Hmmm.... We just brought in a load of grain and alfalfa pellets for the animals. Hubby and Vet2Be just filled all the 55 gallon drums and put the feed bags into the garbage.

I thought those empty feed bags would make much better bags to hold the weeds than the green plastic lawn and leaf bags.

The are!

They don't hold quite as much as the lawn and leaf bags, but they are soooo much sturdier that I can pack them really full!
I've been saving the brown paper Purina bags to put around the vegetable garden plants in the spring. We couldn't think of a good use for the IFA bags, but I think I'll be saving them for a while! They make a much better garbage bag for lawn and garden garbage than the plastic ones.


~Tonia said...

If they arent plastic and the print on them is Soy based ink you can use them just like you would the brown bags.
They do cut way back on the weeds that grown in the garden. I put some out last year and piled goat barn bedding on top.. Very few weeds and this fall I could dig thru it the paper bag was just gone....
We use the feed bags all the time for trash out in the yard or garage.

TJ said...

lol! I think you've been farming longer than we have been!

These are the feed bags made from woven polypropylene. The ones I'm saving are the thick, multi-layered brown paper bags.

I'm so glad to hear that you had great success with your paper ones in the garden last year! We don't take the newspaper any more and the bags look like they will work as well or better.