Friday, November 19, 2010

A Basket for Yarn!

I've been watching at the local thrift store hoping to find a picnic basket that will work to store some of my extra yarn in under the knitting machine. The ones I've found so far were not something I could use. Some had fabric lining, which would be nice, except they had food stains and mold and I wasn't sure I could get the food stains or the mold out. Some were wicker on the inside and I didn't want to spend time on lining it, there are plenty of other projects to do! Some didn't have handles, some had no lids, some were in terrible condition and would have been best suited for the garbage.

But the other day I ran across a wonderful find! It is a large basket with a press board interior. The press board is a little warped, but it isn't stinky or moldy. The basket has a lid and two handles, and all three work! It fits under my knitting machine to hold the yarn for the current project. And it was only $5!

What a lucky find!

Patience, patience, patience. I've learned that if I know what I want and I am patient, I find it eventually, usually sooner rather than later. I've gotten so good at finding things that I have a list from several different friends that have asked me to keep an eye out for something for them!

Still looking for a 1952 edition of Great Books of the Western World for my daughter. We have one for the family, but she is such a lover of books that she wants her own set.

Do you have things that you keep your eye out for?


Marie said...

Beautiful basket!! What a find.
My look out is on Craig's list. I have gotten a beautiful Union Loom
for free, just needed to be assembled and a few parts. And my most recent find was an older Traditional spinning wheel.
Not free but for an incredible low price!

TJ said...

Wow! I haven't used Craig's list much lately. I'll have to go back to checking them out.

Thanks for the tip!

~Tonia said...

Oooh nice basket! I have learned patience in looking for what I want and it works out so much better usually...

TJ said...

Tonia, that's what I've found, too. If I'm patient I usually end up with something better than I originally hoped for!