Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hail Storm!

We haven't had a hail storm in a few years! This one lasted about 10 minutes. There was one about an hour earlier, too. We don't usually have to much 'weather' around here. It is usually sunny and bright. Today there were morning thunderstorms and hail!

We need the water, so I'm very grateful for it. It didn't seem to damage the grapes or the raspberries. That's good. And all our animals have shelter, so they were out of the storm, too.

Hail bouncing off the roof by the back door.

The water is pouring off the roof and out into the grass. The garage flooded as well. It's normal for the garage to flood... it's below the level of the back yard. Whoever decided that was a good idea wasn't thinking clearly at the time!
Poor maple tree! The leaves were just starting to turn. There weren't any leaves on the ground before the storm started.

More hail bouncing off the roof! It was a wonderful storm!

View out the front door to the street. Yay! Water!

The storm didn't last long. It never does out here. If we ever get two days of rain or storm in a row, our family is thrilled! When we get thunder and lightening, like we did today, we just giggle and smile!

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~Tonia said...

We get a lot of storms here.. Anytime of year!Lol We havent had any real hail though for a while. Glad you all enjoy it though.. It gets a little crazy here sometimes...