Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clabbered Milk: Part 4 (failed again!)

Another batch gone bad. It looks like yeast again.

Can you see the cloth on top all poofed up? That's because something is growing out of the top of the bottle.

It separated, and it grew. I think it grew yeast again. This time it grew faster than the last time.
When I checked the bottle the second day the milk seemed to be getting thicker. Today when I checked, it was growing out of the top of the bottle.

I think I'll try keeping it in another part of the kitchen to see if it makes a difference.

I think the nice thing about having 3-4 gallons of milk a day is that I get to try so many things. If something fails I try to figure out what went wrong and try it another way.


Linda said...

How long are you leaving it sit out? If it is warm sometimes it doesn't take but a few hours. I like mine only to the point that it looks like it has a film of liquid between the curd and the jar. It is nice then. But if I leave it until it separates like you show in the above photos it has way too much 'tang' for my liking.

Even if you let it sit till it separates well, it shouldn't take 4 days, if it is warm. Now if it is cool, yes it could take that long. I don't think your batch is spoiled, I think it is just 'fermenting' which is a natural process. I would like to recommend a book called 'Nourishing Traditions'. You probably would find it very enlightening. Also you could check out wildernessgal's photo's on flickr. Copy and paste the link below.


TJ said...

Thanks so much for the post! I ordered the book yesterday. I ordered it before I saw your post, but I'm glad to know someone else loves it.

I threw it away because it smelled yeasty. But that's probably because of where I set it in the kitchen, close to the spot where I make bread almost every day.

This time it is in a different part of the kitchen and I won't be removing the cloth until I see some separation.

The last batch was definitely not creamy, it was lumpy and breadlike.

I love wildernessgal's photos! I saw those earlier, which is what gave me hope to try again! Hopefully I will have some photos like that, too!

Linda said...

Great, you will love the book I think!

I put a lid on mine loosely. Probably the same concept as the cloth, because air can come and go.

TJ said...

The quart is still sitting on the counter with no separation yet. But it is in a different part of the kitchen, so hopefully no yeast.

Crossing fingers, crossing fingers....!