Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Visiting the Dairy

Vet2Be gets to work with a vet who owns a goat dairy. He only works up there once in a while when the vet is in town. He lives and works in another state and his family runs the dairy.

He is a great guy! Very nice and kind. And he loves goats.

This past weekend Vet2Be got to trim udders with him. And he also got to see an ultra-sound. One of our friends loves to work at the dairy when the vet is there, too. She asked if the vet would check to see if her goats were really pregnant, so he got out his ultra-sound and headed out to her place.

Vet2Be was invited to come along. The vet is really nice, while he was checking the doe he saw that she was pregnant! Our friend was really excited, but what excited Vet2Be more was that he got a chance to look into the ultrasound machine (it had goggles, not a screen, for the ultrasound machine) and see the unborn kid, too.

What an awesome weekend for Vet2Be.

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Sarah said...

What a fantastic opportunity for your son! I bet he'll always remember that.