Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snowing and Blowing

Wow! We had a wind storm come through last night that was huge! I think it blew for 8 hours straight. We usually get a bit of wind when a storm is coming in because of the area that we live in, but this was surprising long.

Then came the snow this morning. Nothing stuck to the ground. We need every drop of moisture we can get in the desert, so we are grateful that it soaked into the ground before it evaporated. It was cold again, too. Down below freezing. Yesterday it was up near 50 F.

I'm so glad the doors on our barn face south. The critters can stay warm and dry in the barn when we end up with a spring storm like this. And all the little goat kids are still wearing their sweaters and sleeping inside their dog crates that are in the corners of the stalls, so they stayed warm and dry, too.

One nice thing about storms is that everyone can get cozy and warm. I love a good storm! And I'm so glad that we have things done up well enough around here that nothing blows away.

We're still spraying the disbudded areas on the goat kids. I don't want a repeat of last years infections. So far things look good. We've found that if we wrap a paper towel around their eyes before we spray it calms them a little bit and keeps them still while we spray. I'm not sure how much longer we'll spray the areas, but it will be at least another week.


Sarah said...

I wish we could send you a little of our extra New England rain LOL! Our yard has turned to pudding. Our raspberry canes came yesterday and it is way too wet to plant them.

TJ said...

My whole family still lives in New England. How I miss the spring rains and the fall apples!

Our raspberries are just starting to come up! And the maple tree in the back yard is starting to bud out, too.