Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Kids of the Year

We had our first kids born last night. This is the first time we've had kids born in the evening. Our goats have always kidded in the morning or mid-day. The second kid (a doeling) was born around 1:00 AM. We are not used to that at all! It was definitely a time that I was glad we only have a small herd to manage.

The kid in the red sweater is the doeling, born at 1:00 AM. The kid in the striped sweater is a buckling, born around 8:00 PM.

So far everyone is doing well. Clover, the doe, didn't pass her afterbirth quite as quickly as she has before. As of this minute, it is still 'hanging out' but we have been told to let nature take it's course for up to 24 hours. After that we may have to intervene with a shot to help her pass it.

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