Monday, January 4, 2010

Wolf Valance and Cushions

Our son is coming home from Mexico in one week! We are so excited. We haven't seen him for two years! The last picture we got was August 6, 2008, so it has been a long time since we have even seen his face.

One of the things I wanted to do before he got home was to 'finish' a few things in his room. When he was a teenager he started to like wolves and so when we re-painted his room we also put up a wall paper boarder with wolves on it. I never made a valance for the window, and the window seat was still covered in green lizard fabric from before the change.

Last week I finally sewed the valance, a window seat cover, and his bed cushion all using the wolf material that he loved before he left.

Nothing special, but I think he will be happy to see his old room again! It made me feel better to get it all done.

The quilt is still in the washer, but you can see the bed cushion that is covered with the wolf fabric. The cushion underneath is more than 30 years old and needed a bit of batting to fluff it up a bit.

The quilt (that is still in the washer) doesn't match his room, but I know he loves it and will welcome the warmth it provides since he is coming to freezing temperatures from 80˚ F weather! It will be on the bed tomorrow after it is dry. Then the bed will be covered with a clean tarp so that when the animals decide to take a nap they won't leave their fur all over it!

I'm also washing all his clothing and hanging it back in the closet. I'm on load #3 and it looks as if there are at least 3 more loads to do. I'm glad I can do the wash for him and have his room ready for the day he returns.

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