Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diana natters on....

It's winter and I'm doing lots of inside projects that I don't get to in the summer and working outside. I've been sewing and knitting and finishing projects inside. Here is an outstanding blog with many e-lessons!

This woman is extraordinary! Her videos are high quality and she does a wonderful job explaining each technique. Honestly, I can't believe she has posted so many videos and done so much work to share with so many people for free. However, I'm very grateful to her. If you have a knitting machine, I would set aside some time to check out her links. You can find them on the left side of her blog screen.

Diana natters on...

Here is a list of what she offers on her blog:

Machine Knitting Video Lessons
Ribber Course (25 lessons)
Garter Bar Course (14 lessons)
Beginning Machine Knitting Course (29 lessons)

Project Videos
Knitting Socks on Standard Gauge Machine (3 parts)
Warm Ribbed Scarf to knit (1 part)
Warm Lined Slippers (2 parts)
Warm Child's hat (1 part)
Swirl Round Baby Blanket (3 parts)
Child's English Rib Sweater (3 parts)
Luxury Throw - Easy Ribber Project (2 parts)
Child's V-Neck Raglan for Beginners (15 parts)
Honeycomb Dishcloth - Easy Ribber Project (1 part)
Honeycomb Dishcloth - Sportweight Cotton (1 part)

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