Friday, January 1, 2010

Clean Stalls for the New Year

We had a break in the weather! The temperature was 35˚ F today and so we decided that it would be a great time to clean out the stalls. It's been more than six weeks, and while picking them out is helpful, a good cleaning was necessary! This has been a wet, sloggy winter and the stalls aren't staying as clean as they usually do.

If there had been no snow on the ground there would have been two other families who would have been here to help clean stalls. They love the manure for their gardens. That's okay. We don't mind using it to build the soil at our place either.

Here is a photo of what we took out. This is the arena that we used to use for horseback riding and horse training. Nothing grows here in the summer but weeds. We've been slowly adding manure and straw the past two years in hopes that we can build the soil enough to plant some pasture grass.

Awww.... cute face over the fence!

4/5 of the kids that play in the arena. If anyone comes out the back door towards the barn, the goat kids all come to see if they are going to get a treat!

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