Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sleeping Dogs

The weather has been so cold that we have the wood stove going every day. Not only is it the family's favorite spot to sit and read, the animals love to snuggle into the pillows and enjoy the warmth, too.

 Tipsy, just barely opening one eye so she can see what we are all giggling about. It is so comforting to see all the animals so comfortable in front of the fire. It just seems to say, "All is right with the world!"

 Here is Cookie, Queen of the Chair! She never wants to share the chair, she is either there by herself, or off she goes! She is actually a very sweet cat, but she really doesn't like to share 'her' chair!

 Sam-dog sleeping on a few pillows by the fire. He's just checking to see what the flashing is all about, but right after I took his picture he sighed and went back to sleep.

 Well, not all the animals like spending time in front of the fire. This is Stinky (yes, that is really her name!) and she is sitting on her favorite house in the Christmas Village. We find her here quite often, especially when the village is lit. I think the light makes the village house a warm spot for her to sit.

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