Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inside Day!

Yesterday I tried to 'catch up' on things. I didn't really catch up on anything at all! I spend most of the day compiling Christmas stories for Hubby. He loves Christmas stories and a few years ago I compiled many into a book for him. I made many copies that year to give away to friends and family and made sure that there was one for him.

He, kind soul that he is, gave away his copy last year! Unfortunately, over the past few years we have gotten new computers and programs. That is wonderful, but it made the original file unreadable so I decided to compile the stories again. I'm sure there are many more stories in the booklet this time than there were last time.

However, last time there was at least one picture for each story. I was able to print it on a color laser printer and it turned out very nicely! This time, no color laser printer, and no pictures. I am sure that I could put pictures in, but Hubby doesn't really care if there are pictures or not, so I didn't worry about the pictures this time. There are 91 pages of stories, if I had included pictures I would probably have added another 10 or more pages!

The rest of the day I spent cleaning at Spunky and Carpenter's house. They are gone for the week and I have been checking on Charlie, the cat, and their two birds. Suri (the grand-puppy) has been staying with us. She is very good and gets along well with our two dogs.

Spunky has been so busy lately studying for her clinical exam and her boards that her house was a bit messy. When she and her husband left for some much needed R&R, I decided to spend a little time cleaning up for them. She and her husband are always good to help us out whenever we need it, I love to do little things like this for them when I can.

It is always nice to come home to a cleaner house and clean sheets! It's not spotless, but at least the dishes are washed, clean sheets are on the bed, the garbage is taken out, the stove top is clean, the kitchen is swept, and the carpets are vacuumed. I even left a vase with some carnations on their kitchen counter.

Merry Christmas Hubby! And Welcome Home Spunky and Carpenter!

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