Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift Soap

Prion lives in a dorm with five other girls. She loved her room mates last year, but these girls just aren't as interested in getting an education as she is, that translates into; "They only go to class when they feel like it." Prion is also a Sophomore this year, and the other girls are all freshmen.

Last year I knit each of her room mates a miniature stocking in their favorite color. They loved them and left them hanging on the wall all year. This year Prion didn't want me to spend as much time on the gifts for her room mates, so she asked if I would make them some goat's milk soap. It costs a bit more than the stockings, which I can make from scraps, but it is much faster. It takes me less than 30 minutes to make a batch of soap!

Here is the soap all ready to mail to the dorms. I decided not to wrap the soap in plastic so that it would have more time to dry and harden. I didn't have any real ribbon on hand, so I tore some fabric scraps to wrap around the soap. They make soap look festive and a bit rustic. If Prion wants to, she can tuck a piece of greenery under each 'ribbon'. 

Hand-crafted goat's milk soap is still a very nice present, and I was glad that I didn't have to spend time knitting them all stockings. I have completed five stockings already, with 17 more underway. I hope Prion's room mates like their gifts!


Laurel said...

That's a good idea, I should do soap for my neighbors this year.

TJ said...

You better hurry! It takes 2-3 weeks for it to cure :)

I found a 'cake leveler' at Wal*Mart today. I'm hoping it will slice the soap better than a knife.

Grandma Elsie said...

TJ thank you for stopping by my blog.
I leave the churches up all the time on top of those cabinets.
I do have about 3 inches of snow today and am posting some pictures after while . Havea good warm week end.