Tuesday, December 29, 2009

City Lights

We went into the city that is about 40 minutes away to see the lights. The church there has a beautiful display at Christmastime and I love to go see them when I have the time.

One of the trees on the square is lit with 1,500 strands of red lights with 50 lights per strand — that's 75,000 lights on one tree! I also noticed this year that some of the trees had the newer LED lights. I imagine that they will replace the regular lights with LEDs over the next few year. There are probably one million lights throughout the display. A beautiful and serene place to walk at night surrounded by beautiful music and wonderful reminders of the life of Christ.

Here is one of the full-sized Nativities they have displayed.


The lights were beautiful! You can see in the photos that it was snowing lightly. It was a bit chilly, about 23 degrees, but that is much warmer than the 7 degrees we 'enjoyed' last night!

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