Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Camel

Tonight we went to a live Nativity in a town close by. It was wonderful. Visitors are shuttled over to two homes with barns that put this on each year. We walk up a path that is lit with Christmas lights and luminaries. Along the way we see Romans on horseback as well as shepherds and other people from Bethlehem.

One large barn was set up like the city of 'Bethlehem' with sheep, camels, and other animals. They also had different 'shops' where people were making bread, using clay to make pots, talking about wool, woodworking, all sorts of different things that might have been going on in Bethlehem when the Savior was born.

In the second barn was a stall set up with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. As we walked into the barn, there were 'angels' singing in the loft.

Last year was the first time we went and the camel LOVED Vet2Be! He came right over to him and snuffled him and sniffed him and wanted to be near him. I was hoping for a repeat this year, and I got it.

Here is the photo:

The camel didn't mind other people coming over and petting it (if they could reach it) or standing by the pen, but he didn't snuffle anyone like he did Vet2Be! The camel just walked right over to Vet2Be and stayed there until he went on to visit the other animals (a donkey, sheep, goats, geese and ducks, and horses).

The live Nativity was wonderful! We enjoyed it as much this year as we did last year. I look forward to seeing people portraying Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (yes, a real baby--not a dolly!) It is one of my favorite new traditions. So peaceful, and surreal. What a wonderful way to remember the circumstances in which our Savior was born.


Grandma Elsie said...

I think bloggers is having a lot of problems these days. I tried to change my page and it messed things up bad. Good thing I had saved the old but when I put it back some things still are not working right. But I went in and checked out comments so try it now .
Love the camel with vet2be. We have a church about 10 minutes from here who has an outdoor stable with live animals at certain times. I think its so beautiful. have a nice day. I am in , no church, black ice on my drive and road so this old women isn't chancing it.watching John Hagee etc on Tv. Doing my SS lesson too.

TJ said...

I'm glad you are staying safe today!

I know my blog is very plain, but I haven't learned how to do much more than post. Perhaps that is a good thing for now.