Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Live Nativity

Vet2Be was asked to be a part of a live Nativity that was scheduled for last night. They asked him to play the part of a shepherd and bring his sheep. They provided the costume and the pen for the sheep. Good thing our sheep are so friendly because the 'pen' was a wire dog run that was set on the driveway.

We loaded up Blackie and Whitie (not very imaginative names!) and drove them to the next town, about 15 minutes away. They were a big hit! Blackie is so friendly and loves people to pet him. Whitie hates having his horns touched, so he was often on the other side of the pen. There were a few people that Whitie liked, though, and he stood there while they pet his cheeks.

The Nativity also included two camels, two Nubian goats, and two chickens. It was a small set up, not like the Nativity we visited in early December. But the people were very friendly and it was only from 6 pm until 8 pm. Vet2Be has been very sick this last week so it was hard for him to last the two hours, plus the hour before and the 30 minutes after as we transported the sheep and then did chores in the evening. He was in bed by 9 pm!

We were part of the "Town of Bethlehem", actually on the hill outside. In the picture you can see the luminaries lighting the way to "The Stable" where baby Jesus lay.

It was fun to be part of something like this and not just be visitors. The thought came to me that this Nativity is the reason why we have Blackie and why he is so friendly and loves people. He was the perfect sheep for last night. Just the kind of animal you would expect to be near the baby Jesus.

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