Thursday, August 13, 2009

Udder Rash

Ginger, Vet2Be's favorite goat, has had a rash on her udder for more than two months. It hasn't gotten worse, and it hasn't gotten better. None of the other goats have it.

We tried Fura-zone Ointment for a week... no change.

We tried Blu-Kote spray for a week... no change (except she had a blue udder for a week!)

We tried Colloidal Siver for a week... still no change.

We tried Neosporin for a week... yup, no change.

We even tried 7% Iodine for a week.... nothing.

Our next course of action will be mastitis vaccinations. She doesn't have any symptoms of mastitis, but the J-Vac is a vaccination information says it is effective against E. coli mastitis, and the Lysigin is said to be effective against Staph aureus. So, maybe Ginger has something on the inside that is manifesting itself on the outside of her udder.

The rash on Ginger's udder. It doesn't affect her milk production. She is still milking between 6 and 7 pounds per milking, but it bothers Vet2Be and me that we can't get rid of it and don't know what it is.


~Tonia said...

I have had my goats come up with something like that before. I used something like sweet almond oil or Olive oil as a carrier oil and then added Tea tree and Lavender essential oils. 10-20 drops of Essential to about 1 cup of carrier oil. With in a week it was almost gone.
A mastitis Vac will not help this. if its not affecting her milk then its not in her udder like mastitis. She could also be having an allergic reaction to something you are using.

Denice said...

bag balm?