Sunday, August 30, 2009

Planting Flowers

Yesterday I planted flowers. Six chrysanthemums and one Hibiscus. The Hibiscus was given to me by my friends who bought it for me in memory of my mom. Hopefully next year it will have beautiful flowers. I planted it in front of the house near the front door. I placed some of my mother's ashes in the hole before I planted the bush. Perhaps her green thumb will nurture the flowers better than I can.

The Hibiscus my friends gave me is planted in front of the house near the front door. The blue flowers are from a bush directly behind the Hibiscus. I will move it in the fall when the weather is cooler and easier on transplants.

We don't have much late summer and fall color in the flower beds. Hubby and I went to the store and found some beautiful mums. I love these pink ones with yellow centers.

Hubby loved these red and yellow mums. They are planted at the end of the driveway near the mailbox. Hubby will see them every time he pulls into the driveway.

Weeding is not my favorite hobby, but I can effectively take pictures are parts of the garden that are weed free right after I've weeded! Hopefully by the time winter comes I'll have all the beds weeded. Maybe next year I will have more time to take care of the flower beds and the vegetable garden.

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