Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matitis Vaccinations

Glacier. She was named because she got frostbite on her ears when she was a kid. We didn't own her at the time, it happened at the place she was born.

Vet2Be gave Glacier her second set of mastitis vaccinations the morning of August 12. She was a bit sore that night, but other than that, she seems fine. We'll see how she does with the mastitis through the rest of the fall and next spring since she has freshened with mastitis the last two year.

Both vaccinations ready to go. We prefer the 22 gauge 3/4" needles for IM injections, but all we have right now are 22 gauge 1-1/4" needles, so Vet2Be doesn't put the needle in as far.

Vet2Be gave her the shots intermuscular and in her front 'quarter' instead of her hind legs. He prefers this area for IM injections because it seems as if there is more muscle there and less chance of them kicking while he is giving the injection.

This is where Vet2Be likes to give intramuscular shots.

We used both the J-Vac and the Lysignin vaccinations that are for heifers. We used half the dose used for the heifers since the dairy goats are probably less than half the size of heifers. Vet2Be used a different needle for each injection and put each injection into a different area.


Grandma Elsie said...

Sure hope she gets better for you.

TJ said...

Thanks. We do too!