Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daisy's Bad Haircut

Here is a photo of Daisy right after we hacked her fleece off. I wish I had gotten a before photo so you could see how much she had rolled in the pasture! She was full of foxtails, dirt, grass, hay, and sticks. It didn't get really bad until we had so much rain in June. I'm glad she'll grow another fleece! I hope to spin it one day since it is so soft and beautiful.

Poor thing, she is probably very embarrassed by her haircut! But I am sure she appreciates having less of a coat for the rest of the summer. Hopefully we will be able to even her out soon.

Here is a photo of our llama chute. Nothing spectacular. My friend, who gave Vet2Be the llama, also gave us their chute. They had gotten it for free from someone else and never used it. It was a bit big for Daisy, but we liked the idea that she could stand up in it and that we didn't have to stretch her out on the floor.

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