Saturday, July 4, 2009

Growing Up

All the baby animals are growing well. We haven't had any more sickness this spring. Buddy is getting better and is now out with the kids and building up his muscles by playing and running. Vet2Be had a hard time getting a picture of him because he wanted to play. He is still a bit wobbly and falls down, but he picks himself up and is off playing again quickly.

Here's Buddy asking Vet2Be to please play with him and not to worry about the picture.

Here are the three lambs. The black lamb and the white lamb with the short tail (the one in the front) are still very friendly and love to come up to people. Since the long-tailed white lamb wasn't bottle fed, she really isn't interested in being friends with people.

Here are the 4 chicken poults that we bought from our friends. They are half Arucana (not Ameraucauna) and half Rhode Island Red. They should be good layers and lay blue-green or greenish eggs. If they lay brown eggs, that's okay. I just love opening a box of eggs and having different colors to look at.

The ducklings are now out with the big ducks. The wonderful thing about ducks is that they seem to get along well and there is no 'hen pecking' as there often is with chickens. These girls are all doing well! They know when there are people around, there must be food coming so anytime we go out, the ducks all come running in.

The turkey poults are doing well, too. Here they are with their little white chicken pal. A vet-tech in the area who knows Hubby asked if we would take an abandoned chick and duckling in. This chick is a few weeks younger than the black chicks. The black chicks weren't too thrilled with a new pal, but the turkey poults liked him (or her).

The turkey poults and chicks decided that they didn't like being confined to the stall so they flew over the board the other day. Vet2Be took the board down but left the stall gate closed. The poults and chicks can come in and out of the stall as they please now. They also have a place to run to if the old hens decide to pick on them.

We seem to have plenty of room for all of them, so there doesn't seem to be any problems with bigger animals picking on younger animals at this point. If we have problems later we'll fix up some new pens to keep the young ones safe.

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