Monday, June 1, 2009

Long day

What a long day! Vet2Be left on a canoe trip with the scouts in our local troop. They will be gone until Friday. That left me with all the chores this morning!

After milking, cleaning up after ducklings, chicks, and turkey poults, feeding and watering all the animals, I cleaned one of the three stalls. That took until about lunch time. In the afternoon I homeschooled 2 neighbor children whose mom is away for a few weeks. They are nice boys. We learned about Gutenburg and how he developed the printing press. After that we studied about the weapons and armor of the Middle Ages. They are doing math and music at home before they get here.

Meredith and her daughter came to pick up Ginger's two doelings. They were very happy with the way they looked and how sweet they are. They loaded them into the back of the truck and headed back home. They paid $75 each for the doelings. That helped a bit with the vet bills from this spring.

Then I headed north to pick up some "Service Memos" for the buckling we sold last week. My good friend (who is a great guide when it comes to goat paperwork!) helped me fill out the Service Memos as well as the registration papers for the bucklings. Then she signed the paperwork for the buck over to Vet2Be. She gave him the buck we have been leasing for his birthday. That will be a nice surprise when he comes home.

Then I came home and milked. Hubby helped take care of the other animals which was wonderful! We had high hopes for Glacier's mastitis getting cleared up with the Albon. Unfortunately there were clumps in her milk again tonight. Needless to say, I am at a loss. I don't know what to do next.

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Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Wow... wish i could stand up to a day like you had again... But those days are just memories for me now...
Sorry about he mastitas... Hope something will come up to help clean it out of her system.
have AGood day. Elsie <><