Friday, May 18, 2018

New Chicks 2018

We got new chicks a few weeks ago.

Did you know you can order chicks and they come in the mail? Isn't that fun?

I ordered my chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery.

Two of my neighbors and I ordered chicks together and they came in the mail. I had to pick them up at the post office early in the morning. Chicks are really loud and the postal workers don't want to carry them in their trucks.

The chicks were born on May 7th. I picked them up from the post office on May 9th. Chicks don't need to eat and drink for a few days after they are born so it doesn't bother them to be shipped.

This is what the chicks looked like when I took them out of the box.

I sorted out the chicks that belonged to the neighbors, and I put ours in a big, plastic tub.

That blue goo you see is a special chick food that gives them some needed nutrients after they are shipped. It's called "Grow Gel" They eat all of it in about 24 hours. Then I give them chick starter.

Chick starter is a special food for baby chicks. I also put something called "Quick Chick" into their water. It's full of good vitamins that help the chicks stay healthy.

This is what the chicks look like today! They are growing feathers on their wings and they can jump and flutter around. I put a screen over the top of their box so they don't jump out and get lost in the room.

Do you see the yellow box inside the red tub? It's a special heater for the chicks. I don't like to use a heat lamp. A few years ago the heat lamp fell down inside the container and almost started a fire! This special heater never starts a fire, and it doesn't shine on the chicks so they are quiet at night.

These chicks won't start laying eggs for about 7 months.

What month will they start laying eggs? What do you think you'll be doing in 7 months?

We're looking forward to summer on the farm. We planted a little garden this year with pumpkins, squash, cabbages, beans, tomatoes, and watermelons. I'll post some photos of the garden next week and show you how the plants and chicks are growing.

Have a great week! Keep doing something nice for someone else every day! I know I've really liked being able to do that this year.

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Homekeeper in the Making said...

I just found your blog yesterday while looking for Oregon Trail quilt squares. I love your posts! My family has a small farm and I and my younger brother tend most of the animals. I love seeing the pictures and videos of your animals.