Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photos from the Farm * 2 October 2015 * Meet and Greet the Animals

Welcome back!

It was so much fun to meet you all last week! I will post some photos of cider pressing next week. Your teacher did a great job taking a picture of each class so I'm sure you'll be able to find yourself in one of the photos next week.

This week I want to introduce you to a few of the other animals that live at Welcome Home Farm.

Here are the dairy goats waiting to come in for breakfast. The white ones get milked each morning, but the brown one is ‘dry’. Dry means that she isn’t giving milk right now. She still gets some grain and vitamins for breakfast, just like the other three.
Their names (from left to right) are Misty, Annie, Clover, and Sandy. Sandy is a goofball!
Here is Matt and his dog, Miles.
His name is Miles because he has 'miles of smiles.' 

He is always happy!

Miles reminds us of Dug from the movie, "Up!"
He loves everyone he meets, 

and he has a big, black nose.
Do you think they look alike?
Here are a few new pictures of the baby chicks, and the baby turkeys. It's fun to watch them grow up. Do you remember what they looked like a few weeks ago?

This chick was born on the first day of school. She has all her feathers now. She's still small, but she can keep herself warm and doesn't need her mama hen to keep her warm.
She is almost as big as her mama hen! Do you see the grey chicken in front? That's her mama hen!

Here are the chicks that were born on 15 September.
They are starting to get their wing feathers. How many chicks do you see?

Do you see the pile of feathers in the corner?
The mama turkey is molting. That means she is shedding her summer feathers and getting warmer winter feathers. The chickens are doing the same thing.

Look how big the turkey chicks are growing!
They aren't very smart so we have to keep them in the stall so they don't hurt themselves.
Last week one of the turkey chicks jumped into a bucket of water and drowned.

Can you see the hen inside this box? She is sitting on eggs and they are going to hatch soon!
More chicks!

One first grader asked if we have any sheep on our farm.
We have one, and his name is Stew. He's very friendly and loves to follow me around when I'm in the barnyard!
I hope you have a wonderful week!

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