Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilt Back Done

This is the back of Blondie's first quilt. There were some mis-cut pieces and lots of scraps. This is what we came up with so we didn't have to spend $100 on backing material.

You can see the front here.

It's at the quilters.

It should be done before Thanksgiving.

We're pretty excited to see it so close to completed!


pianochick said...

TJ - I don't know if you remember me, but I was emailing you for a minute back and forth last year. My husband was going to try bee keeping and you were giving me tips. Well, he did it - we kept our bees all summer long and everything was looking good for winter. We didn't take any of their honey they made this year - we wanted them to have it all for the winter - ANYWAY - the reason I'm writing is because he just went out and checked them this morning - and found that THEY ARE GONE!! He is so sad and can't understadn why they would abandon their hive and honey at this time of year - in the cold! (we are sure they didn't survive) - he just doesn't know what he did wrong and he is so so sad. I wonder if you might have any idea? One thing we wonder is that another bee keeper in our area told him that he can cover the hive with a tarp to help keep them warm if the temps get below 35 (for the high) - then uncover them when it warms back up. So last week when we had that cold snap - he did just that - covered them with a tarp for about 2 days. That's the last time he saw any of them - and I wonder (just because that's the only thing that changed) if that's why they left. Oh, my goodness. We're both so sad. He really and truly loved his bees.

TJ said...

I'm not sure what happened! I'll check with Hubby to see if he has any ideas.

Did you cover the front of their hive with the tarp? Or just the top, sides, and back?

TJ said...

Hubby says to open the hive to make sure they are gone and that they didn't die. He's never heard of using a tarp over a hive. If our hive is in an unprotected area ( north side of a building or in a spot that doesn't get sun) we use the stiff blue foam cut I to pieces and bungee corded to the sides, leaving the opening uncovered so the bees can go in and out.