Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shelf... done!

I'm trying to finish up some projects around here.... just like everyone else that I know of is doing.

I finished Blondie's shelf today. I [pretty much] like the way it turned out. The wood isn't top quality so it didn't finish as smoothly as I would have liked. The dimensions, shape and design are perfect for what she wants it for so that is a plus.

Nope... I don't style stuff like on the fancy blogs. Just a plain picture of the shelf... and only one photo instead of a bazillion from every angle!

I love the back of the shelves. Blondie fell in love with some fabric and it just didn't work with the other fabric in her quilt. However, we loved how it looks on the back of the shelf!

The fabric is taped to some foam core board and then slipped into the back of the shelf. The foam core isn't glued or tacked to the back of the shelf, it just sits there snugly and doesn't move.

The benefit of not having the fabric permanently attached to the board or the board permanently attached to the shelf is that she can change the fabric out later if she wants. And she can use the fabric that is on there someplace else, too.

I used 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic to protect the paint. I've used 3 different sealer/top coats as I've refinished pieces this year. This is my favorite. Soap and water clean up, it dries fast, and it lays down smooth. I wish the satin finish was a little more satin and a little less glossy, but other than that, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Next on the list:
2 quilt backs (the tops are done)
a table for Blondie's classroom. I've already found legs and a table top on FreeCycle to cut down and remake, so it feels like I've already started on this one!

And of course there are goats to breed this fall, a new buck to find, a chicken pen to clean, and an animal shelter to fix


Terri Robinson said...

I am trying to make the welders cap. I have it up to step 3. I understand the way you explained to lay it out. Then you say to sew all 4 pieces being careful not to catch seam allowances, starting from the bottom up to dot. When I am starting at the bottom I am only sewing 2 pieces together (front/back A & B) as I closer to the dot I then pick up the side piece sandwiched in between. Is this correct or am I still confused. Then when I am complete with that part I do the same thing on the other side? And the on the other end of the Side piece with my other pieces of front/back? Thank you so much. My husband has had the same cap for 7 yrs and has a 28 cm so to find that size is very hard so he has me trying to make it. hopefully this will last long enough for him to retire.. Thanks again,looks as though you have been a big help to a lot of women.

TJ said...

Hi Terri,
The side pieces and the front back pieces should be lined up at the bottom so that you are sewing through all 4 layers of fabric. The dots should be matched at the top of the crown.

If you look at the second picture in Step 4, you can see what Step 3 looks like when it is finished. Sometimes it helps to see what you are aiming for.