Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Many Canning Rings!


I hate canning rings! And I hate storing them in our little house. They are worse than feral cats! They multiply and are unruly and I find them everywhere!

Here's my new idea!

 I cut a hole in the top of a yogurt lid the same size as the fabric roll that I happened to save from a roll of fabric.

I cut slits from the edge of the circle to the center.
Then I pushed the cardboard roll through the top of the lid and put the lid on the container.
I wrapped duct tape around the wedges that were pushed up as pushed the cardboard roll through the center. This gave the roll a bit more stability.
I have one for large rings, and one for small rings!
Now if I could make sure I could keep my camera level when I take photos... you wouldn't have to tilt your head to see the rings on the cardboard polls!
If you have any ideas for improving the design, leave a comment! Or if you have a particularly helpful way of storing your rings, please let me know that, too!


Farmer's City Wife said...

No design improvements. I keep mine in the box of doom -- I HATE that box; it's always overflowing and all of the used lids/rings of regular/wide mouth are mixed... utter chaos. I LOVE your system (though I'd have to paint the yogurt bases to prettify them). :)


TJ said...

I'm sure you would make the yogurt containers adorable :)

My friend, Sheepy, said that she might put both polls into a #10 can and fill it with plaster of paris. Then she would have both polls in one spot :)

I'm really glad they are out of my 'box of doom!' Oooooo I hated that box!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I use string and string my rings up!.. Lol Then they hang off the side of the shelf.