Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rosie's New Job

Rosie is Vet2Be's S'nubian yearling. She has a new job feeding a calf on Sheepy's farm.

Clyde's new mama, Rosie. He was so excited he got up on the stand with her.
Rosie still has a congested udder. The vet did a cytology (checking for bacterial infection) and there was no bacteria, so we know her milk is safe to drink.

With the economy so bad right now, we knew we would have to give Rosie away instead of selling her. She gives a little less than 1/2 gallon per milking, which is plenty for a family, but because of her lumpy udder we didn't want to sell her and have the new family She isn't as endearing and sweet and 'pet-like' as some of the others, so Vet2Be decided she would be the one that would have to go this fall.

Sheepy got 5 calves last week. Two wouldn't take a bottle at all. She already has one goat that will feed a calf, but a single goat can't produce enough milk to feed two calves. Our solution was to put Rosie and Clyde together!

Rosie is doing a great job with Clyde. The photo above shows her first feeding. We're happy because she has a great home with a very important job, saving a little calf's life.


darius said...

What a great choice!

TJ said...

We are really happy with the arrangement. Sheepy thinks she is taking advantage and should pay for her. NO WAY! Farmers are wonderful friends, she is especially amazing :)

You sound like you come from the same 'stock' friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Thats great!! I had a doe with a lumpy udder one year. No infection just would get congested and lumpy. I gave her 3000-6000 Vit C daily and after about a month it disappeared. It had been there for 2 years and through 2 freshenings.. Now just a s routine I give all my milkers a Vit C Maintence dose of 2000-4000mg right after kidding for about 6 weeks. By the end of 6 weeks they will have usually stopped wanting them. It like they know they need it..

TJ said...

We tried the Vitamin C for about 3 months. It went down a little, but not all the way.

We'll have to try it next year with all the freshening does.

We've got one in season already! But no January kids on this farm! She'll have to wait until October :)