Wednesday, May 4, 2011


On Monday Vet2Be and his friend, Taco, sheared the two sheep. They are Navajo Churro and about a year old. Usually Churros get sheared twice a year, but we didn't get to it last fall and the weather turned too cold when we had time.

Mandy has a beautiful black fleece.
Unfortunately she has a birth defect - she has a severe under-bite. She has a very hard time eating and would never be able to support life, either after being bred, or if she managed live lambs, she would never be able to eat enough to produce enough milk for a lamb.
Vet2Be on the left, Taco on the right. Yes, they are using scissors. We couldn't get the Andis to work, and the hand shears had a spot that wouldn't cut at all.
They sheared Sparky, too. But I was in the house teaching guitar and so I didn't get photos of her.

It is WONDERFUL when I can send two boys out to do some work and it all gets done, and gets done well! Whoo hoo! Less work for me!!!!


Laurel said...

Next time you're up here bring the andis. It's basically the same as a heiniger and Justen can usually figure them out pretty quick.

TJ said...

I might just make a special trip! Vet2Be saw you up at the FFA State Competition last week. But he wasn't sure, so he didn't say hi. When he got home he had me show him your photo on Facebook--and it was you :)