Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garden Plants are Growing

Maybe we will actually have a decent garden this year!

Look at how well our greenhouse is growing the starts this year!

We started these a few weeks ago. They are doing really well. Maybe the plant markers won't be plant headstones this year!

On the right side of the greenhouse. Lots of cold weather vegies. We have still had a few freezes in our area so we haven't planted them in the garden yet.

Son1 comes home from college this weekend. He is going to be sooooo excited to see the hot peppers growing and doing well. After spending two years in Mexico, he loves hot peppers!
We have some lights in the greenhouse for warmth. We have still had some nights that are below 30˚F. Most of the seeds I planted said that they should germinate at 80˚F. We use the lights to warm the greenhouse on the coldest nights.

We also have some 4 gallon square buckets of water in the bottom of the greenhouse. Hopefully by summer the whole base of the greenhouse will be filled with buckets of water. It will help to even out the temperature as well as serve as water storage for our animals.

We have plenty of water stored for human use, but the animals have always been a concern. How do we store water that won't freeze solid in the winter? The base of the greenhouse should do the trick. And if it may allow us to grow plants like lettuce and spinach all year round.

Always learning, always adjusting results, and almost always doing better the next time around.

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Marie said...

Your starts look great! I had to laugh about the 'headstones' that would be me and starts. But I am going to trying starting more next year. This year is dedicated to getting the raised beds finished. Hope you got to plant them outside soon!